After the debut last year, this summer the Stay-in summer camps are back with many news. Be ready to join us at Skate Agora BDN Barcelona to enjoy the the best skateboarding experience. Skateboarding, Summer, fun and new homies are waiting for you at the Skate Agora Stay-in Summer Camps. Full skateboarding experience at the only permanent facilities certified by Street League Skateboarding in Europe.


Skateboarding will be the core activity. Skate Agora Academy Pro team will take skateboarders through theorical and practical skateboarding sessions and lessons, giving them a week of learning full immersion.


Summertime in Barcelona means Sun, Sea, good weather and great vibes...what’s better of some good time at the beach after an intense day of skateboarding? Make sure to bring your swimshorts!


Barcelona offers multiple activities to ensure a 360° active experience, but also the  chance to relax after-skate and discover this wonderful city and its culture. Wakeboard, street skate and more…


Skate Agora Summer Camps are not only a moment of fun. Skate Agora Academy aims for ethic values of education, gathering different ages and cultural guests together through the values of skateboarding.



Skate Agora Academy philosophy is based on the learning of skateboarding techniques and the approach of the students to a safe sports practice, encouraging cohabitation and positive values related to the practice of the sport and the skateboarding culture;

Methodology is founded on theorical and practical sessions that will approach key facts of the beginning, evolution and improvement of skateboarding technique.

Skate Agora Academy counts with skateboarding professionals who have been able to develop this sport in a professional way and they also are a reference in the sports culture of skateboarding.

Through theorical explanations, teacher’s demostrations, practical advices and viewings of videos, students will be taught with techniques and tricks.

Each course is adapted to the level of the students who participate, which ensures a good evolution regardless of their initial level.

The design of Skate Agora is the only accredited installations in Europe for high level competitions that allows street practice and slope techniques. Moreover, the skateplaza counts with a beginners area where the new generation of skaters will be able to have a first touchdown in a safe way.

Each program is been developed to work on the tricks progression on land, curbs and rails, as well and more complex tricks, always according to the level of the student.

Courses are managed by first level professionals, and they include control techniques, such as risk, safety and responsability in order to reduce and diminish risks of skatebaording.


Opening hours Skate Agora Academy:
Tuesday to Sunday 15 – 8 PM
phone (+34) 626 562 534 / (+34) 933 848 415